Rubis Terminal B.V.
In the Rotterdam Botlek area Rubis Terminal BV, as a full subsidiary of the French Rubis Terminal SA has started its tank storage activities from May 2008 with the storage and handling of both mineral and chemical products. Current available capacity runs up to 111.400 m3 with 1st expansion being built in 2011 of 10.000 m3 with 4 chemical tanks of 2.500 m3. Final capacity at this location will go up to 182.000 m3 with connections to all modes of transportation including pipeline, trucks and rail wagons. The number of jetties available in the final stage will go to 4 jetties with a maximum draught of 13,65 meters NAP.
Terminal: Rubis Terminal B.V.  
Address: Welplaatweg 26
  3197KS  Botlek-RT
+31 10 2958170
+31 10 2958179

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