Oiltanking Amsterdam B.V.
Oiltanking, a Division of Marquard & Bahls AG of Hamburg, Germany, (, is one of the leading providers of independent liquid bulk storage serving the petroleum and (petro-)chemical industry worldwide, with a total capacity of more than 12 million cbm in 21 countries. In the Netherlands Oiltanking is located in the Port of Amsterdam since 1974. The terminal has a storage capacity of 1,575,660 cbm. Products handled include crude, mineral oil products, chemicals and molasses. The combination of Oiltanking's 75 terminals worldwide and the professional and entrepreneurial spirit of Oiltanking's employees makes it possible to "do the common, uncommonly well".
Terminal: Oiltanking Amsterdam B.V.  
Address: Heining 100 Westpoort
  1047 AH  Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 4979009

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